Why Organic?

So people can enjoy the positive effects of eating organically grown, healthy, natural food! I would like to keep reducing my prices, but to do so I need to get more people interested and aware.

My hope is that over time all people will eat very healthy food and that all the farmers will go organic – healthy people, healthy planet.

Peter, one of my customers told me his story after starting eating organic food:

Three years ago I was very sick. I had a tummy problem and I could not eat and was in hospital getting water on a drip. By eating organic fruit and vegetables, plus taking vitamins and minerals my health is now very good. I have almost no attention on my health because I have educated myself on what is good for my body and I know that eating organic is a big part of it. Also, it tastes better.

– Peter Murphy, age 50.

Organically grown produce:

You get a level of assurance of freedom from chemicals.

To receive organic certification, growers are required to use farming practices which are more likely to care for the soil and the land.

Organic farming often requires more labour, and achieves less crop yield than the use of chemicals.

Greater nutritional value for your money

Produce has more spots, blemishes, marks and “imperfections”.

Healthier environment for farmers.

Usually has higher measured nutritional value.

Added financial outlay for cost of quality assurance, inspection and certification.

Safer and more enjoyable environment for guests, work experience and tourists. Social benefit to the community.Back!


Produce that is NOT certified as organically grown: 

You do not know what chemicals and insecticides are used.

Many farming practices deplete the soil, cause erosion and chemical residues in water run off into streams and rivers.

Costs less dollars in the shop and may cost the earth for future generations.

Some of this produce has much lower nutritional value. You pay less, but need to eat more to feel full.

You may see no marks or spots a whole display of fruit or vegetables.

Farmers have health risks if they do not adequately protect themselves from chemicals.

Some produce is almost completely missing some trace elements.

Cut costs is the core of the business, compromising the quality of the product.

Usually less picturesque, thus less suitable for visitors.

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